Sunday, June 14, 2009

dina & arief

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Our son

Our son is a wonderful blessing
a treasure from above
he's laughter, warmth and special charm
he's thoughtfulness and love

Our son brings a special joy
that comes from deep inside
and as he grows to manhood
he fill your heart with pride

With every minutes and second that passes
he's more special than before
through every stage
we love him even more

no words can describe the warm memories
the pride and gratitude, too
that comes from having a son
to love and to cherish....just like you

love daddy and mummy

colour terminology

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hue is the attribute which distinguishes one colour from another-it comes from old english for 'beauty'. Tone is position a hue holds on the scale from light to dark. Tints and shades are variations of tones. Intensity refers to the purity of the colour.
Primary colours are those which can be mixed to produce all other colours. Primaries are not always the same.
Prismatic primary colours are produced by light and come in four hues: red, blue, green and yellow. Project them so they mix together and you get white.
Pigmented primary colours are used in paints and inks, and have three hues: red, blue and yellow. Mix them together and you get black. Printers generally use magenta, cyan, yellow and black inks to print colour pictures in books and magazines. Psychologists employ specific hues and tones for diagnostic purposes: orange, red, dark blue, blue-green and bright yellow.